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Best Gaming PCs Under 500 dollars:

First-time finding gaming PCs Under 500 dollars is a little scary; that’s fine, though we’ve all been confused & worried a lot. That’s why we’ve made this easy guide to follow the best budget gaming PCs under 500 dollars. That will ensure that you have all the tools you need to create the perfect gaming rig for your needs. Plus, with this budget under 500$ build, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite best AAA games. Whether you choose Intel or AMD, both have the potential to have an in-depth gaming experience across multiple platforms and different game styles.

Budget Under 500$:

As you can imagine, building the best custom Gaming PCs Under 500 dollars was no easy task. It made a lot of compromises to be able to get the most out of this building. Let’s start with the hard drive. The $500 only comes with 240GB SSD storage. Although it is a tiny part, the RX 570 could reduce it to accommodate the GPU. That is where the difference between performance 400 and build 500 comes in terms of actual performance.

The issue was another area of compromise. We had to go for Thermaltake Versa H22 for something more aesthetically pleasing. Although we compromised on shapes, we wanted to use a user-friendly and accessible case for first-time developers. Thermaltake marked all the right boxes in this section.


From a performance standpoint, both AMD and Intel meet closely here. Collectively, we expect them to handle 1080p / 60FPS gaming in both of the most popular best AAA game titles. For these innovative CP features, we can thank the modern-day CPU quality and powerful GPU. In addition, both showcase excellent multitasking and workload tasks such as video editing and image display. Of course, the AMD bill build is better equipped for such tasks, but both can perform them at acceptable levels. However, you don’t want to be too strict on rendering.

How we choose the best PC:

Here at WePC, we have years of experience building computers and advising friends, family, and readers. Our construction recommendations have been carefully researched, use similar constructions that we have completed ourselves in the office or for personal use, and most importantly, budget and performance in mind. It made to work it on without effort to ensure that our architecture delivers high performance to the innovative, efficient, and lucky readers who will build it.

Not only do we use our knowledge and experience, but we also stay up-to-date with the latest technology in our industry and use different standards to compare multiple components quickly. We also check our blood every day to make sure everything is still in stock, and the price still gives you the best bang for the buck. We are here to support you.

How do we test the PC?

We manufacture each of our selected best PCs for gamming from scratch to ensure that the parts we recommend work together, fit the selected case, and provide the best performance for the price range. Do

Once built, the PC is used in everyday work in the office and various sports, from light to heavy-duty. When we test, we also run benchmarking tests to see how well our build PC perform while also monitoring the components’ temperature.

We tested our AMD architectures against their Intel counterparts and found that they performed better across the board and at a lower cost. That’s why we recommend only one AMD version.

7 Best Gaming PC Under 500$:

Many will wonder what a $ 500 budget can get you in the modern age of computing and technology. Gone are the days of console dominance; now, you can get Gaming PCs Under 500 dollars that can hold up much better than any high-end console contender. So with that, let’s take a closer look at what it makes, what we can expect in terms of performance, and what compromises were made to stick to this tight budget.

We know how much some of our readers enjoy looking at their PC, so we made sure to check it out too. So, you can feel safe knowing that these machines can go beyond their basic capabilities. But, please make sure you know how to overclock your builds before trying to do more.

1. AMD Ryzen 3 3100:

Best Gaming PCs Under 500 dollars

AMD’s Ryzen 3 3100 is an affordable CPU under a budget of 500$. Thanks to introducing their Ryzen 5000-Series CPU, you can now get even better value for your money.

The processor comes on a 4-core, 8-thread boasting shelf clocked at a base speed of 3.6GHz and can be expanded up to 3.9GHz, enough to handle some of the most popular best AAA game titles out there. Is. It is custom-designed for gamers and has decent single-core performance, which is perfect for the game. The versatility of this CPU also makes it a standout performer at this price point when it comes to multitasking, which gives you a better experience with a heavier workload on a budget—all in all, a terrific CPU at an affordable price tag.

2. ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0:

Best affordable Gaming PCs Under 500 dollars

For custom best build PC in this price range, the ASRock B450M PRO4 motherboard is quite perfect. It may not be a premium motherboard, but it still offers many features and is ready for the upgrade when the time comes. Plus, you still don’t have the budget to get the ingredients to justify being a little more expensive in the price range anyway. Motherboards don’t affect gaming performance at all, so it fits well in this build.

3. Patriot Series Wiper Steel DDR4 16GB & 3200MHz:

Gaming PCs you can buy Under 500 dollars

The Patriot Viper Steel Kit offers 16 GDDR4 RAM, which should be more than enough for most gaming and multitasking scenarios. It shows the solid value for money, and a slight bump in clock speed entry naturally improves the entry-level of many DDR4 RAM kits that you will find there. As many will know, the Patriots have a track record of providing RAM with excellent performance and reliability.

4. XFX Radio RX560:

affordable Gaming PCs Under 500 dollars

The RX 560 may not be the best card on the market, but in its price range, it is still considered one of the high-budget GPUs – equipped with all the amazing power of its master, the RX 570.

This GPU can easily deliver 1080p 60fps. After our benchmark stress test, most modern games will easily outperform most games and even older games. However, one thing to note is that the RX 570 VR is not ready for gaming or high resolution. It can handle a few shallow VR titles, but it doesn’t give you the cheap experience you’d like. Forgivable for a budget card less than $ 200, though. Its performance far exceeds that of the PS4 and revolves around the PS4 Pro. If you are looking for the best graphical performance, you can get it for around $ 150, then don’t look any further. The XFX RADEON RX 560 offers excellent aesthetics, excellent performance power, and efficient booting cooling solutions.

5. Samsung 870 EVO 500 GB SSD:

samsung 870 EVO

As most budgets are built, compromises need to be made to ensure that performance is exhausted. With our 500$ custom build, there’s been a slight increase in storage capacity. We had to choose the 500 GB Samsung 870 AVSSD, which offers faster load/boot time. Plus, as a first-time gamer, 500 GB will be enough for your operating system and primary games so that I won’t worry too much. That being said, you will need to upgrade your skills at some point. Luckily you can pick up an HDD of about 50 for that, which should serve you along with the backup library.

6. Zalman Z3 Mid Tower PC Case:

top best Gaming PCs Under 500 dollars

The Zalman Z3 PC case is an excellent example of quality in the budget. It comes on shelves with excellent airflow, a clean and user-friendly design, as well as a bunch of construction-friendly features. That is a pretty rock-solid case that you should stick to soon, and it also has a 120mm rear case fan pre-installed. That may not be one of the best deals on our best PC, but it offers everything you need to build it on a cheap price tag.

7. Build our $ 500 custom gaming PC:

For less than 500$, our Best Custom Built Gaming PC is perfect for budget-focused gamers. Although the components involved in this construction are considered entry-level, they still perform best for the price, including a dedicated GPU.


The Gaming PCs Under 500 dollars build listed in this guide can play any game on a 1080p monitor. And, with a few different upgrades, it could transform from a good-quality gaming PC into a high-end computer.

And, of course, this is a significant benefit of having a comfortable go with a gaming computer. Although you cannot upgrade the console’s hardware, a computer can be upgraded and added to your requirements as a gamer. Ultimately, this build will serve any budget-based gamer and the starter system in which they can succeed.

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