You are currently viewing Best Engineering Laptops and Specs you should look for:

Best Engineering Laptops and Specs you should look for:

The Best engineering Laptops need to mark some other boxes. Many of the best laptops for college mainly focus on the balance of cost and performance. These portables require the best processors and the best graphics because engineering students use software like CAM and CAD and so on. They also do many computational tasks related to the processor and graphics, so a laptop that can handle on-demand tasks is quite good.

However, engineering students also need something that is affordable, lightweight, and has long battery life. And, of course, the Best engineering laptops meet these needs. They should be thin enough to carry around campus and have enough battery life to last an entire school life. Lastly, they should be affordable – not as reasonable as the best laptops under 500 dollars but still reasonably priced.

 To save you time, you don’t have to go out of your way to choose the best engineering laptops.

How to choose best engineering laptops?

Whether you are involved in Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Civil, Software, Chemical, Aeronautical, or even aerospace engineering, you may be thinking that most of the laptops out there are the same.

I had the same thought. I was afraid that whatever laptop I put away, I would not maintain these plans/programs unless I put all my money on a thick heavy brick with a modern graphics card and processor.

Suppose you are an electrical or computer engineer. In that case, you only have to deal with programming languages ​​such as C ++ and circuit simulator, these task can be done with 500$ under laptops with no hiccups. However in certain schools, the computer engineering students are taught deep leaning and other AI related courses. If your collage include courses like that in while you will be learning deep learning algorithms like Facial recognition and other algorithms related to images or videos processing, you should look for laptops having dedicated GPUs. That may cause a little more.

However, if you are a mechanical/civil engineer, you may need to use CAD and CAE software at some point, in which case you will need a laptop with a dedicated GPU (~ 700).

What Spec to look for while choosing best Engineering Laptops?

Best Engineering Laptops


The RAM to look for in best engineering laptops should be 8GB RAM. It will prevent any software or browsing tabs from opening in the number you have opened.


The Intel Core i5 / AMD Raisin 5 chips and above for both 3D / 2D engineers. 2D engineers can contract with Core i3 and other AMD processors if they run out of cash.


Time management is the key to success in every class; get SSD if you want to save TIME (this will increase productivity as everything can boot your laptop in less than a second, I will take). In 2021, almost all laptops come with SSD, Double-check.


2GB of comfort with any user or “gaming” GPU (in other words, any GPU released in the last 3 years, yes anyone) will work!

Engineers that don’t work with simulations or heavy graphical work don’t even have to look at this.

Only professional engineers should consider workstation cards (even then, it will be helpful in all special situations).


Get at least a 13″ display with a matte finish if you can (or lower the brightness).


1080p for all engineers. It will give you plenty of workspaces and will measure well with any software out there. Avoid 4K resolution displays (you will, however, value their eyes).


Probably the essential feature if you are a student. Keep it as light as possible, around 3lb (unfortunately, powerful ultra-lightweight laptops are expensive).

Top Best Engineering Laptops:

I will try to make it easier by labeling which laptop is for which field in this list.

I will start with the lightest and most powerful ones (which in turn are the most expensive) and end with the heaviest and most powerful ones (which only professional 3D / CAD engineers should see) ۔

1.  Asus Zephyrus G14 – Best for software engineering students:

Asus Zephyrus G14 best engineering laptops


  • GB 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD.
  • NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card.
  • Lightweight for glasses.
  • FHD display with 120 Hz refresh rate.

The choice of the processor in a laptop is the most important consideration of the best engineering laptops should make before buying. The computational world of engineering needs fast processing, so advanced processing capabilities are required.

In this regard, the AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS processor fits the bill for the engineering student. The resin processor consists of 2.30 GHz with 8 cores providing enough power to power through any engineering software.

For its price, the Asus Zephyrus G14, which features a Ryzen 9 processor, definitely tumbles Intel’s Core i7 series because the AMD processor is built on 7nm architecture. This innovation makes this laptop is one of the best engineering laptops.


The design of the Zephyrus G14 will appeal to most students with its white magnesium alloy material. The diagonal distribution in the exterior makes the design somewhat unique and exquisite.

The laptop has a slim design with an average thickness of only .70 inches with minimal bezels. The display also provides clear images with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, making the audience happy. 1080p resolution is the maximum resolution for 14 inches as it does not require high resolution for popping colors.

Asus Zephyrus pack a full 1TB of PCI SSD in the storage department, allowing you to perform all your tasks with ease.

Meanwhile, 16 GB of RAM ensures that you’ll be better off with the ability to do multitasking with memory and run a lot of student software there.

The Zephyrus G14 is a highly portable device with a 14-inch form factor that will easily slip into your bag. Plus, the weight, which is about 3.5 to 3.5 pounds, is relatively easy to carry around.

Even, especially touchpad and keyboard also provide an excellent user experience with responsive gestures and typing speeds. Overall, Asus Zephyrus is a favorite device by engineering students due to its robust design, superior performance, excellent battery life, and perfect fit and the Machine to run games and software alike.


  • The best battery for gaming laptops.
  • Graph dedicated graphics card for better graphics.
  • Lightweight and portable design.


  • There is no Thunderbolt 3 capability.
  • No webcam.

2. HP Specter x360 – The best hybrid laptop for engineering students:

HP Specter x360 best engineering laptops


  • Full HD 1920 × 1080 display.
  • In format, the tablet with 1 in 2 designs.
  • 12 512 GB solid-state drive for faster performance.
  • Lightweight and thin.

The HP Specter x360 is one of the most beautiful laptops on the market. However, its performance is at the top, thanks to Intel’s 10th generation processor. The 1.3 GHz processor has a quad-core setup with eight threads, which is possible due to the hyper-trading technology.

Overall, the processor performs cheerfully to meet all your software needs. It can easily handle complex setups and software, including the nature of engineering. With its state-of-the-art processor, the HP Specter x360 is sure to keep you on top of your game during any assignment or project.


In the design department, HP Specter outperforms its counterparts by providing sleek and elegant designs. Modern laptops usually rely on curves to maintain chic aesthetics, but this device uses straight lines to make a great-looking laptop. The white color enhances the grace of the laptop. Meanwhile, an FHD screen flashes for you as you complete your daily routine.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is the ability to use it as a tablet device, thus increasing the transport of the laptop. You can easily edit documents and images and perform complex calculations with an excellent CPU and GPU.

The best HP laptop for engineering student offers two USB ports with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth capabilities on the connectivity front, and a standard USB port.

You cannot detect the capabilities of any laptop unless you look at its memory function. This HP Specter model comes with 8GB of RAM and 512 SSD, which will make your work a breeze. Although the RAM is soldered and you can’t upgrade it, you can always find the same model with a higher model configuration.

Overall, the HP Specter x360 is an excellent laptop for software engineering students as it generates enough power to run all your coding projects.


  • SSD for low boot-up times.
  • Sleek and beautiful design.
  • It can be used as a pill.
  • Port Highly portable.


  • RAM is not upgraded.
  • There is not a dedicated graphics card.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Silent Beast:

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 best engineering laptops


  • The latest 10th generation processor of Intel Core i5.
  • 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD to power through GB work.
  • Modern design.
  • USB-C and USB-A connectivity.
  • An Ultra-lightweight.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 is one of the best engineering laptops out there. It is the latest iteration of the award-winning series, which is sure to appeal to many users. Microsoft has tried to innovate and give the public a whole new experience.

The processor, which is the 10th generation powered by Intel with 10nm architecture, increases the processing output by a considerable margin compared to its predecessor. This 14nm architectural switch means that the transistor size has been reduced. This large number of transistors contributes to the increased efficiency that engineering students will love as they explore complex equations and problems. The Core i7 processor will make your work, assignments, projects, and personal projects a seamless experience.


A unique design since its launch a few years ago, the Surface Pro series has kept its core model in 1 format, like a tablet. The laptop is chic in Platinum and Matte Black with its two color options. The cover will let you use your laptop as your studio to draw, sketch, and work as it adapts to your surroundings and enjoys high performance anywhere.

According to the display, the Surface Pro 7 combines excellent screen resolution, good color clearness, and a bright screen to give you an authentic experience. The screen also has an ambient display when it automatically moves around the light input.

Storage on tablet laptops may not be a priority, but with 256 GB of SSD, it packs enough storage to keep all your essential data in one place. In addition, SSD drives reduce boot-up times and increase overall system performance.

RAM is an essential utility, especially for engineering student’s laptop, while the Surface Pro 7 shines with 16 GB RAM. It is enough to make sure that all engineering program’s primary and specialized software is running.

The Surface Pro 7 weighs 1.7 pounds and averages .33 inches thick. These facts make it one of the most portable laptops on the market, and with a rated battery life of 10.5 hours, it will be a hassle-free experience to carry around.

Recharging is a strong point in which zero to fifty percent charging is completed in less than 50 minutes. WIFI 6 technology is the way forward because it easily connects to the wireless connection in your surroundings.

Overall, if you’re looking for an excellent laptop for electrical engineering students, it might be the Surface PRO 7 with its cheap design. It produces enough power to run any software without the need.


  • slim and lightweight design.
  • Excellent portability.
  • Excellent battery life.


  • Accessories are sold separately.
  • Thick bezels.

4. Dell G5 15 5590 – Best for Electrical Engineering students:

Dell G5 15 5590 best engineering laptops


  • Graph NVidia GeForce 1660 Ti for best graphics.
  • Innovative and portable design.
  • Build Strong construction.
  • Backlit keyboard

The Dell G515 is another great laptop in the list of best engineering laptops. This is an ideal when it comes to providing the right specs at the right price. The processor on this device is powered by the ninth generation Intel with six cores and 12 threads. The base frequency is 2.60 GHz, while on turbo charging, it can run at 4.50 GHz.

The Coffee Lake series delivers extreme performance to customers, and Dell makes the most of this performance in its Dell G5 15 pair. The chip also supports 4K playback at 60Hz, which should be enough for the average person to enjoy games and crisp multimedia performance.

This laptop will monitor the NVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti to provide you with a seamless gaming experience and other graphic extreme ass software. This software includes engineering-related and photo editing tools that require a lot of GPU power.

Graphics Card:

The 6 GB graphics card will enable you to work on rendering software and computational software without interruption. The design follows a simple but strong theme with moderate bezels and a thick chin by Dell. The plastic and metal scroll provides enough durability to cover long distances.

Dell is a name for reliability and stability at an affordable price. It is provided with 16GB of DDR4 memory with 512GB of SSD and 1TB of hard drive storage to meet every storage requirement of the user. Dell offers these entire well below 1500, making it a bargain.

The Dell G5 shines in the connectivity segment, offering USB 3.1 ports, HDMI ports, and even the Thunderbolt 3 port. The keyboard and touchpad with the monochrome backlit keyboard are painted with a similar story of reliability that is pleasing to the eye. The touchpad is responsive and performs all gestures efficiently.

The Dell G5, despite its modest dim screen, is the best laptop for budget engineering students. It provides you with online processing capabilities and outstanding graphic processing capabilities to run all your engineering software with minimal chaos.


  • Nvidia 6GB dedicated graphics memory.
  • Excellent battery times.
  • Backlit keyboard


  • be moderate bezels.
  • IP Average IPS Panel.

5. Lenovo Legion Y740 – Best value for money:

Lenovo Legion Y740 best engineering laptops


  • Nvidia GeForce 1660 Ti for maximum graphics.
  • SSD Plus HDD for higher performance.
  • The Lenovo Legion Y740 is similar to the Dell G5 15 in many important ways.

One of them is the processor in which it is shared. The Intel-powered Hexa Core One with turbocharged clock speeds is up to 4.5 GHz. Twelve threads ensure multitasking at its best with hyper-threading technology.

The chip also has an integrated graphics processing unit, which adds more firepower to the NVidia GeForce 1660 TI GPU. The integrated team can handle day-to-day tasks efficiently, while NVidia will allow you to perform heavy-duty tasks relatively quickly.

The design of the Lenovo Legion laptop is interesting for the gamer inside you. It has a sleek but basic design with an exterior and brown aluminum on the chassis. This modest approach gives the whole design class attention.


The design also features careful port placement on the back of the laptop, making the gamer’s life much easier. In addition, there are enough connectivity options, such as USB-C and 3.1 ports, to meet the needs of each user.

Most budget gaming laptops make sacrifices on their screens, but Lenovo Legion offers a high-performance IPS display panel with an impressive 144 Hz refresh rate. It allows users to experience high-end gaming with 500 units of brightness, enabling you to enjoy multimedia fully.

The storage and RAM section tells a similar story, as the Lenovo legion Y740 also comes with 16GB of DDR4-rated RAM. It means that multitasking can be done at high speeds, while the 256GB SSD provides the foundation your operating system needs to work smoothly.

Engineering software often requires particular disk space, and although 256 GB of SSD is sufficient, the extra 1TB of hard disk drive travels a long way to meet each student’s high storage needs. Fixes these demands can be easily covered by programs, documents, and multimedia from the identical Lenovo laptop.

Lenovo Legion is a powerful gaming device that aims to enhance the experience of gamers with features. The thermal dissipation system, i.e., the ‘Legend Cold Front,’ manages more heat with the CPU, GPU, and the four heating locations strategically placed to cool the keyboard.

The RGB compatible keyboard is also a treat for gamers and performs well with a keys feel. Tear screen during gaming comes with G-Sync capabilities.

Despite some shortcomings, the Lash Y740 delivers excellent performance in a sleek and elegant chassis. Gamers among you will love the device with a dedicated graphics card, high refresh rate, G-Sync capabilities, and heat dissipation method.


  • Intel 9750H with six cores provides reliable performance.
  • NVidia GeForce 1660 TGPU.
  • Coffee storage and RAM.
  • RGB compatible keyboard.


  • Poor battery timings.
  • Strange keys placement.


For the best engineering laptops, it is necessary to meet specific parameters to run the engineering software without any interruption.

We’ve reviewed a wide range of best engineering laptops to choose from, but you may still prefer them.

Mention what you think of the laptop as a student in the comments section below.

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